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Meet Alicia Witt

alicia-facebook-200weasyBirth is an evolving personal philosophy of Birth that has developed over many years and from many influences, including books, classes, mentors, and personal experience.  In this article, I will attempt to share the story of some of the personal life experiences that evolved into easyBirth.


I was born and raised in the small central-Utah town of Pleasant Grove where I met and later married my high school sweetheart.  My enthusiastic and supportive mom, who also helps out with this website, wrote my birth story in the first article on the birth stories section of this site.

I grew up in a Mormon household where I learned to value honesty, sincerity, a hard work ethic, and most significantly, the importance of family.

Massage Therapy

After graduating from the Utah College of Massage Therapy in 1999, I moved to Las Vegas to practice massage at the Canyon Ranch SpaClub in the Venetian hotel.  A few years later, my husband and I moved to Seattle where I opened a massage therapy practice in a salon in the waterfront district.


My life has been blessed with six wonderful children who have come into my life via natural childbirth and adoption:

  1. In 2003, our first daughter was born without medication in a Washington hospital under the exceptional care of Gillian Esser, MD.  Dr. Esser respected all of my wishes, including the desire to have a natural birth without an episiotomy. 
  2. In 2004, after returning to Utah, we adopted our second daughter, a 12-year-old girl. 
  3. In 2006, I became pregnant with our first son who was delivered in water at a birthing center under the care of Rebecca Williams, a Certified Nurse Midwife at the Birth and Family Place in Holiday, Utah.
  4. In 2008, we adopted a three month old boy, our second son and fourth child. 
  5. Also in 2008, we adopted a thirteen year old girl through foster care.
  6. In 2009, I served as a surrogate mom and delivered a beautiful baby boy, also as a water birth under the care of Rebecca Williams at the Great Expectations Birth Suite in Murray, Utah.

Foster Care

The Witt home always had room for one more to love, so in addition to raising our own children, we offered family shelter care to dozens of children in need via the Christmas Box House, a children's shelter based in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We took care of babies, toddlers, big kids, and sibling groups, sharing our home for weeks or months at a time with as many as 10 children under our roof.  Through foster care, I developed compassion for all types of family situations, and I learned to remain cool in difficult situations.

melissaraw-200wChildbirth Education & Doula

Rebecca Williams, the Certified Nurse Midwife who delivered two of my children, first introduced me to the Midwifery Model of Care, and many “light bulb” moments occurred during these pregnancies and births.

In 2006, with my newborn son in tow, my mother and I attended a women's conference where I met a DONA certified doula trainer Melissa Chappell whom I became fast friends with and signed up for Melissa’s doula training.  This education made it possible to be a part of other people's birth experience, and so I credit Rebecca and Melissa with much of the early inspiration that later became easyBirth.


pamqualls2-200wOur family moved to Arizona in 2009, where I began teaching childbirth education as a full-time profession, and I provided doula services to support moms who wanted natural childbirth experiences in a hospital environment.  As a childbirth educator, I met and worked with many moms to be who sought more control over their birth experience, including the desire for water births and home births.  After meeting with some of the most experienced midwives in Arizona, in 2010, I decided to embark on a midwife apprenticeship under Pamela Qualls while continuing to serve as a doula and childbirth educator.

Today, I am a passionate advocate in support of moms being able to choose their own birth experience, whether it be in a hospital or at home, or whether it be part of a birth program or a unique family experience.  easyBirth is about helping moms define and refine a birth philosophy and about assembling the birth team, training, support and resources to make sure that the family has the birth experience they want, even in a constantly changing birth scenario.