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easyBirth Education

birth-calendar-200wUpdate: Our 2013 Class Schedule is still under development.  However, if you would like to host a private or small-group easyBirth class in your home, please call us at 623-295-9664 or email us for more info.

easyBirth is first and foremost about education.  Currently, we are offering the following classes for moms-to-be and their families and birth support teams.

easyBirth 4-Week Series

The 4-week easyBirth Series is our cornerstone class and is usually presented in an intimate home setting, either as a private class for just one family, or as a small-group class.  Read More

easyBirth One-Day Workshop

The easyBirth Workshop is a one-day intensive workshop usually held on Saturdays in group settings at a central location.  The workshops usually offer an opportunity to meet birth training program providers who work with a variety of natural childbirth systems, plus meet other couples who might share your personal birth philosophy and/or preferences. Read More

Sedona Weekend Retreat

Our Sedona Weekend Retreat is for busy couples and others who want to celebrate with a private "birth study weekend retreat," we offer the full easy Birth curriculum presented in a beautiful Sedona setting, at a resort and out in nature.

Birth Team Meeting

Our easyBirth educators can facilitate your Birth Team Meetings with everyone who is going to be involved in the birth, including family members, doctors, and other birth practitioners.  More than just going through check-lists, one of the primary goals of our birth team meetings is to help team members help realize mom's birth philosophy when the unexpected happens.

Birth Options Class

The easyBirth Birth Options Class is a one-hour overview of many of the birth options available to moms-to-be.  Birth Options classes are offered at a variety of locations and the classes or usually offered for free or for a minimal fee, but attendance is limited and must be booked in advance.  Read More

Sibling School

The easyBirth Sibling School is our old-fashioned one-room school where kids are encouraged to discuss their feelings about the new baby coming to their home.  Our sibling schools are pure fun and provide children age-appropriate information about birth and family and what kids can expect from both the birth experience and their new family paradigm with a new baby in the home.  Read More

Informed Consent Round Table

Informed consent, the idea that families need to know what their "birth rights" are in order to make better birth choices, is something we are passionate about.  In this class, we discuss in a round table format the prenatal, birth, and pediatric issues that families address in both home and hospital birth environments.  Read More