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Home Birth is Traditional Family Option

home-birth-300wHome birth is an old tradition, a choice of mothers for thousands of years. Women traditionally have attended other women in childbirth. Supported by family and friends, also calling on collective strength of wisdom and experience of those who know birth. This wealth of birth knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation. For families that choose this option, home is a safe and supportive place to give birth. If we look back in our history, traditional home birth was viewed as an integral part of family life. Although this tradition is not as widespread as it once was, it is still alive.

Reasons Women and Their Families Choose a Traditional Home Birth

  • Reclaim a position of power and authority over birth that has been taken from women
  • To be supported by a tradition that trust the natural process
  • Be free to make choices during labor and birth
  • Home birth can be safer
  • To be in their own home
  • Preserve the privacy and sacredness of birth

Desire - The Key to Home Birth

A mother choosing a home birth must, above all else, deeply desire to give birth at home. The most successful are highly committed and trust in their body's natural ability to birth. They carefully select the right birth practitioner. They devote time and energy in taking care of themselves in the months before birth. The prospect of being at home in familiar surroundings provides tremendous comfort and reassurance. They may be confronted by family or friends and need  a strong inner commitment to stand up for the right to birth as they choose.

Simple Choices Before Home Birth

  • Good prenatal care
  • Healthy diet
  • Appropriate exercise
  • Good belief system that supports the safety of birth and strength of the mother

Who Assists at a Home Birth?

Traditionally, women have attended and been assisted by other women. The term 'midwife' actually means 'with woman". As modern medicine emerged, birth fell into the realm of medical and men became birth practitioners. Today, home birth practitioners might include naturopaths, family practitioners, nurses, physician's assistants, and midwives. If you are planning a traditional home birth, you may have decided on a midwife to assist you - that is who we will touch on here. Besides adequately taking care of yourself during pregnancy, choosing a midwife early is an important step in a home birth. 

Choosing a Midwife

Midwives have varying styles and levels of expertise. It is important to choose a midwife with whom you feel confident and compatible. Be clear about what you expect from your potential midwife, ask questions, share your vision of the birth and discuss any fears you may have. Tell her how knowledgeable you are about birth at present and how informed you would like to become. A traditional birth midwife will provide the majority of primary maternity care. If you get acceptable answers to your questions and birth desires, and your heart trusts her, you might have just found your midwife.

You've Come to the Right Place!

At easyBirth we have compiled resources to make it "easy" to create a traditional home birth. Starting with a link to Arizona Midwives or our class on Birth Options, we have the experience and tools to help you as little or as much as you'd like to create your best birth experience.