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Hospital Birth Options

Natural Hospital Birth - Is it the Best of Both Worlds?

birthing-center-st-lukes-hospital-nyA natural hospital birth could be the best of both worlds for some expectant mothers. Let's face it, some women feel that their 'safe' birth spot is in a traditional hospital. That is ok. It may be the woman is nervous about giving birth, intimidated by stories she's heard, or believes she will need drugs to get through labor - she selects a hospital birth.

Then there are other women who would be interested in choosing something other than a hospital birth, but proximatity, availability, insurance or for other reasons, they choose a hospital birth, BUT they are interested in a NATURAL one. A natural birth in a hospital setting is possible! 

Hospitals all over the country are listening to women who want to have their babies naturally, in a hospital setting. Hospitals today are accommodating these women who choose to have a natural birth in their facilities, including creating birthing rooms that resemble Bed and Breakfasts, with beeping glowing equipment hidding in cut-out antique furniture.

More important than where a woman chooses to give birth, however, is the attitude she has towards birth. Modern hospital "systems" are not usually very flexible when it comes to accommodating a lot of choices.

10 Questions to Ask Hospital Personnel

Want a natural birth in hospital setting? Even if you can't choose your hospital, knowing what to expect when you get there will help you to prepare. Here are 10 Questions from you might ask hospital staff to ensure they are supportive and friendly towards natural childbirth:

  1. Are there any restrictions on who is allowed in the room?
  2. Can I eat and drink during labor?
  3. Can I walk and move around during labor?
  4. What are the rooms like?
  5. Will I have to change rooms during my stay?
  6. Are there rules about what I can wear and what I can bring?
  7. Do I have to deliver lying flat on my back?
  8. Can I nurse my baby immediately?
  9. Can my partner stay with me after the baby is born? What accommodations are available?
  10. How does the hospital support breastfeeding?