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birthworks-bits-175wWhat is BirthWorks?

The BirthWorks birthing program is more of a process than a method. Birthworks instructors are there to facilitate a women’s or couples personal process in childbearing, not to impart a certain “method” for the birth of a child.  Birthworks is passionate about helping mothers achieve a vaginal birth, and are very active in promoting vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) if the mother has had a previous cesarean birth.

What is the Mission of BirthWorks?

BirthWorks mission is to develop a woman’s self-confidence, trust, and faith in her innate ability to give birth. They advocate that the same birth method is not right for everyone, and they train birth educators and doulas to help a birth mother choose the right location for her birth experience where she feels the safest and most secure.

What Else does BirthWorks Offer?

In the BirthWorks model they also teach pelvic bodywork and optimal pelvic positioning to help facilitate movement of the baby through the pelvis. They are also very interested in primal health research, recognizing that early experiences of the baby impact his health as an adult. They promote a birth experience that is both an academic and emotional in preparation for birth through interactive discussion, music, and art. They encourage families to take a class early in pregnancy, or even prior, as this is an optimal time for exploring beliefs about birth, interviewing caregivers, making healthy choices and deciding on a birth place that feels safe.

How can I Find Out More about BirthWorks?

If you would like to learn more, we suggest a book by BirthWorks founder Birthing in the Spirit by Cathy Daub (2 July 2007).