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Ask the Midwife
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Please choose a category below to see a wealth of birth resources available in the state of Arizona.  The organizations and people listed in this directory are not affiliated with easyBirth and any claims made or information provided is the sole responsibility of each practitioner.

Licensed midwives include Arizona State Licensed Midwifes, Certified Professional Midwives, and Certified Nurse Midwives.
Midwives located North of Phoenix Arizona, including Payson, Prescott, Sedona and Flagstaff areas
Midwives located South of Phoenix Arizona, including Tucscon
Naturopathic MDs can often facilitate a variety of alternative birth experiences both in and outside of a hospital environment.
Birth doulas offer education and assist moms-to-be in a supportive coaching role both in and outside of a hospital setting.
Alternative birthing centers with a medically trained staff located both inside or outside of a hospital setting.
A place for small businesses who provide products to naturally minded mothers. Cloth diapers, baby wearing, clothes, teas, oils, etc.
Our recommended pediatricians specialize in newborn care and have demonstrated respect for a family's medical directives and preferences.
Arizona massage therapists who have additional training and experience in prenatal massage, postpartum massage, and/or infant massage.
Lactation Consultants, Postpartum Doulas and Baby Nurses help new moms with breastfeeding and infant care and advice.
Our recommended mom-oriented OB/GYNs work with mothers-to-be create their own unique birth experience in a medically supervised environment.
Arizona fitness, nutrition, health and yoga instructors who specialize in helping moms during pregnancy and during postpartum recovery.
Local photographers who specialize in photographing moms-to-be, birth events, newborns and new families.
Arizona dentists who specialize in the needs of pregnant moms, including proactive care of oral infection issues that could impact pregnancy.
Practitioners who create dried powdered placenta capsules to help new moms address postpartum recovery and depression issues.
Arizona state regulatory and support organizations, and other non-profit resources and local associations who deal with birth issues.
US-based associations, non-profit websites, and select online shops, resources, and service providers who serve the birth community.