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Arizona Pregnancy Massage Directory

This directory includes massage therapists who have received special training in Prenatal and/or Perinatal massage.   Licensure by the State of Arizona is a relatively new requirement (since 2005), so we encourage you to verify the license and training of those who practice massage, especially pregnancy massage.

Prenatal massage eases the aches and pains of pregnancy and can help prepare your body for the elasticity and range of motion needed for childbirth, while improving blood flow and supporting overall health and mood.  Consult with your doctor about maternity massage if you have any health conditions that might be impacted by massage.

Perinatal massage helps strengthen your body as your return to pre-pregnancy condition and has been known to minimize post-partum depression.

The organizations and people listed above are not affiliated with easyBirth and any claims made or information provided has not been verified and is the sole responsibility of each practitioner.